Expedition 5 – Japan to Anchorage – via Magadan and the Bearing Straits (2023/2024)

In light of our brave, but ultimately futile efforts on Expedition 3, the plan is, in 2024, to try to cross the Bearing Straight yet again. We plan to use Japan as a starting point this time, prepping and then shipping our motorcycles direct to Magadan. This time we will run the expedition during the summer months. Which, honestly presents its own challenges and is not any easier than mid winter. I will keep you abreast of our planning. The team this time is Marcus on motorcycle, Nils and Daiske and John in the two support vehicles. Only the motorcycle will actually cross the Bearing Straight, with Nils departing a few days early, to fly to Alaska and come out by boat to meet Marcus on the open water and offer safety and support. Wish us luck! More news to follow as we get closer to 2024. Equipment updates to come. 

Expedition 5 – To BE DETERMINED… (2024)

Unknown, we shall see what we plan.