Berlin – Moscow, December 28th – December 30th – 2016…

Time is short again and I was working through the night to finish the bike and pack up!
My friends Alan, Jin, Steffen and Veronika and my brother Marcel helped me !

And Matt stayed by me all the night to film us packing up!

We had to get the bike into my little car because I failed to organize a decent transporter to drive the 1,500 kilometers to the border betwenn Latvia and Russia.
Most rentals are not allowed me to drive through eastern Europe. And money is getting short as well!
So the cheapest and quickest option was my little Peugeot 106 . It had to fit the bike… This was no small feat…
We took all the seats out to make fit! (well we did put the drivers seat back in…)

December 29th, 4am.
I’am leaving for Latvia. Have not slept for 21 hours and I have to drive through 3 countries to the Russian border. I have 23 hours left to be in Russia where a driver is awaiting me at the border crossing to drive me to Moscow.
I drive all day and night to be on time, but the eastern Europe roads are not ideal…
Poland is not to bad but in Lithuania and Latvia it’s getting harder. More snow and icy roads to boot.

Another problem, what to do with my car?
100 kilometers before the Russian border at 3 am I past by a place with disco lights and decided to find someone who I can give my car too… A drink guy would want a car for free right?
I asked a young group of men , and with much disbelieve I managed to convince two guys to take my car for free!
Both were a little drunk, but I hope this guy remember the next morning that this is now his car!
I thought from here is only 100 kilometers, but the roads got worse and more snow as well.
We ended up to driving an additional 200 km, through dark forestry roads.
It took me another 4 hours to get to the border.
I got someone to follow me and help me carry my gear for me.
This is my second night without sleep and I am really tired! But my driver is still waiting!
The border crossing was a disaster. It took 4 Hours, talking to custom officers…
Most people took 6 to 10 hours waiting but I managed to pass the waiting line of vehciles on my bike.
With the taxi driver patiently waiting for me, we loaded the bike and drove straight to Moscow where Aleksei from the cargo company was waiting all day for me!
Midnight again and we packed the bike immediately and transported to the airport and managed to clear the bike for the flight.

December 31th – 2016, at 4 am..
I made it ! Third night no sleep!
I am surprised what my body is able to pull off still…
Bike is at the airport and Aleksei is driving me to a Hotel.
Big Thanks to Aleksei Zamaraev , Konstantin Karkarin and Oleg Miroshnikov from “CBC” JSC who helped me through the night to get the bike on the plane on time! Especially Aleksei, he made all this happens without complaints!
After all, it’s new years Eve!

I’ve got to catch up some sleep! !