Unfortunately due to both technical problems and gear issues, the time window for undertaking the complete journey this year has elapsed.

We have departed Magadan for this season…..The journey will resume after re-organising and re-thinking some of the issues that have now become clearer.
During time spent in the -35 degree Siberian Wilderness trying to resolve those issues, I built an igloo and lived in it, which was so much fun and such an enjoyment, to live out in the mountains in an igloo!
Gear was tested and retested and the bike, with the custom-engineered floats, was trialled in an Ocean scenario.  The bike stalled and almost caused an emergency situation with both me and the bike drifting out to sea, but my friend Vladimir saved the day with a long length of rope!
It was hard to make the decision to take this break but we are already working on making it happen for the next time.