In case I am required to cross deep river’s or open water a Ukrainian company: Borika & Elling Boats have been kind enough to custom design and construct two pontoons that can be fitted to the motorcycle.

As my adventure is due to start shortly I decided to pick them up myself! Rather than ask them to send the pontoons by mail… Thus I jumped on a plane to Kharkov, Ukraine.

I actually missed my flight due to some really crazy traffic. I got stuck in an epic traffic jam, was forced to park the car and set of on foot, it was faster than the car, but it was not fast enough.. So I asked a passing scooter driver to drive me on the sidewalk to the airport. It was effective, but I still missed the plane..

I had to wait until the next morning for the next flight… Thus, with one days delay, I arrived in Ukraine and was picked up at the airport by Borika. First we went to their main office to meet with the engineers and design team. The next morning we went to the factory – 60km south of Kharkov.

Everyone was very kind to me and showed me around which was awesome! Thanks guys!

My bags were filled with pipes and fittings (and Ukrainian pastries) and after only 1 day I was back on the plane to Berlin – to continue my preparations and to complete the bike.

Big Thanks to everyone from Borika & Elling Boats!