Pavil and I spun around into Magadan Airport to see John and Nils smiling at us through the frosted glass. Their plane had been spot on time and they were itching to get going. With Pavil racing back to Magada before, I broke the news to them.

“Guys, I’m not quite ready to leave tomorrow.”

Their faces said it all but the boys were trying their best not to show their disappointment. I knew this would hurt them but I had to be ready and the preparation was taking longer than I’d anticipated. With Pavil overtaking like a twenty year-old we were getting back to Magadan in record time. We spun around the magic roundabout and pulled into the SsangYong dealership. They were still open and waiting for us.

Despite not being able to read any of it, John signed all the paperwork as fast as he could. A few minutes later we were following the mechanic to pick up the vehicle. We still don’t know why but this was about 6km away – not your average rental company walk to the car park. The boys were visibly unimpressed by the Korean POS as they called it – Piece of Shit. Following a rundown on the vehicle, we cruised back into Magadan to book the boys into their hotel.
We climbed the stairs to the reception where an entertaining conversation ensued that was a lesson in lost in translation. The short of it was that this wasn’t actually the hotel that John had booked and after this comical episode, we moved across town to the right one. John and Nils were now visibly happier as the hotel they had booked was lovely. They did the formalities and dropped their bags. Pavil broke the news that the car had a headlight out – a first for a rental car – POS! We still had a few minutes to go shopping before dinner and visited Magadan’s premier hunting store. Our expectations were exceeded as we resembled children in a toy store, running around trying everything on but only buying a few fake foxy Rusky hats.
Much to Nils’ displeasure at eating before 6pm, we moved across town to the grill house. They were fully booked for Christmas but somehow got us slipped in between two groups for an hour or so. Several creatures and grapes paid the ultimate price to provide us the nutrients we needed but this food was good and we were cruising. By 9PM John was dropping off – they’d had a long day – and we retuned to our beds for the night.