Started late. Took a while to make some adjustments to the Rokon’s idle. We only made it another 100km by the end of the day. Climbing up to just about 1,032 meters. Cold! By the end of the day the temperature had dropped to -38 with a windchill of -48. We made it to Atyk, where we fuel up and got directions to a cafe, where we got hot food, coffee and directions to a garage. We drove to the garage and negotiated a place to sleep and indoor parking for the night. It was the highway authority garage and the government employees were as rough as sandpaper but kind and helpful nontheless. Especially the Uzbek security guard whom took pity on us .We bought him a few beers from the cafe later that evening. Nils and I managed to put too much coal on the stove at night and made the cabin way too hot (actually a type of house on wheels used by construction crews) so we had to get up and open the door a few times. We slept well enough however. We woke up in the morning to -43. Nice.